Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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With almost 40% of clicks going to the number 1 position on Google it’s critical that your listing appears within the top 5 positions. Become Google’s BFF with a laser-focused SEO strategy that your competition will envy.


We get to know your business and your ideal customer base. We then dive into the data and see how your target audience behaves online. 

We audit your industry and how Google decides who to rank first. This is an essential foundation to increasing organic search visibility on Google.


Keywords are the terms users type into Google, in order to find a website and keyword research is the key to an effective SEO strategy.

We identify all the different ways your target audience are searching online, and make sure the content on your website shows clearly why you are the best website in your industry.


A lot of elements of technical SEO are things you actually cannot see. Google understands your website using technical elements, the most basic ones being an XML sitemap, robots.txt file, and if you have an international website, x-default and hreflang tags.  

Technical SEO is the building blocks to any good strategy – if this is wrong, Google may be unable to find and reward you for all the other optimisations you are making.


A backlink is a hyperlink from elsewhere on the web, to your website. It acts in a similar way to a job reference, telling Google that your website was helpful and other people may like it too.

Backlinks directly impact your domain authority, which is still a fundamental ranking factor that Google considers. That’s why the work our in-house link building team do is crucial to a successful SEO strategy.


The third pillar of SEO, and the most widely known is content. Good SEO content can target users at different points of their user journey and help you to build trust with not only Google, but your audience.

We do not believe in content for the sake of content. We are strategic and deliberate with our approach, and it works.

Join the Google best-friend’s club

In 2021, if you need to know anything, you Google it. This is something we just cannot see changing any time soon. Call us the teachers pet – but we are an SEO agency that adapts and changes with Google AI to stay on their good side. From on-page SEO to off-page SEO, SERP rankings and user-experience, stay ahead of the competition with our hands on deck.
Increase your brand authority with a top listing – something your competitors are going to envy once you out-place them for your favourite search terms! You can be confident you’ll be seen first thanks to our exhaustive keyword research and SEO-minded content specialists to advise you the most seamless way to expand your keyword authority.
We are experts in identifying areas of growth for you and your website to maximise effectiveness for search engines – this is because a huge contributing factor to SEO nowadays is user experience.
Say hello to sustainable growth, and a team that will be with you every step of the way.



To infinity and beyond!

SEO and SEM come hand in hand. At Sydney Digital Marketing, we tie the two together seamlessly and allow them to work seamlessly. Google and Bing are a necessity for a business wanting growth and results.
We bring you leads and sales where and when it matters thanks to our special sauce mix of SEO services and data-driven approach. We are your one stop shop where you can refresh, and experience:
A full digital audit to assess your business.
Identify areas for improvement, looking at your business holistically.
Put it all together in a realistic and actionable plan.
Implementation time, our developers are best practice experts.
We continue to monitor and test our implementations, adjusting and fine-tuning where we can.
Not only this, but we keep you updated on the latest trends, and educate you in basic maintenance and best practice so you can be better, smarter and wiser as we go along.

Let's Work Together!

We are a fully transparent hands on agency.  We don’t have account managers and salespeople, we just focus on producing awesome websites and driving sales for our clients. Give us a holla!